Gain deeper insights into consumer behavior
and personalize their every path-to-purchase

With millions of customers and billions of transactions, e-commerce represents a large chunk of this digital universe. Consequently, such complex interactions present a huge challenge to the e-commerce ecosystem – synthesizing data to maximize customer delight. Hence, e-commerce companies are in constant need of analytics to leverage predictive customer intelligence in order to maximize sales and improve their return on investment.

iFusionTM provides e-tailers with the most scalable means to extract insights on the customer data and provides actionable recommendations to deliver customers a truly personalized shopping experience.

Predictive analytics in e-commerce

Predictive Marketing

Create differentiated customer experience with the right product recommendations to the right customers at the right time

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Strategic Sourcing

Facilitate competitive pricing for the benefit of buyers and effectively optimize customer-merchant transaction

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Case Study

A real-time coupon recommendation system developed using iFusionTM platform delivers personalized shopping experiences

A retail IoT company needed a data-driven solution to provide tailored promotional coupons to its customers and create a unique in-store experience to boost sales


Build data, AI, and analytics solutions at accelerated pace and
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