Industry 4.0

Improve business decisions by monitoring and streamlining your operations in real-time

The amount of data collected from IoT sources and information services is exponentially growing. However, the challenge is to synthesize this data, reveal hidden patterns in it, use it for operational improvements, and support strategic decision making. Analytics has massive potential to transform operations through complete visibility, improved process efficiency, increased productivity, and profitability.

iFusionTM Industry 4.0 solutions equipped with out-of-the-box algorithms and rich dashboard functionalities enables organizations to streamline their operations and continuously fine-tune the production line with more focused and actionable insights.

Predictive maintenance industry 4.0

Predictive Maintenance

Maximize your return on assets by transforming from reactive to proactive operational strategy

Unexpected machine breakdowns immensely cost industrial organizations and businesses both in terms of time and money. It creates dissatisfied customers, unmet SLAs, lost revenue, and costly emergency measures to set things right.

To realize the return on their capital investments, asset-intensive businesses need their equipment to be running at maximum efficiency. iFusionTM Predictive Maintenance solution enables businesses to achieve high asset utilization and savings in operational costs by identifying patterns and uncovering anomalies through sophisticated machine learning algorithms.


computer vision and anomaly detection

Accumulates asset intelligence from disparate data sources, including sensors, drivers, and cameras


Implements clustering, computer vision, and anomaly detection techniques to identify the signal level and image pattern deviations


Enables component level diagnosis and provides early warning notifications before a significant time of failure


Reduced unplanned downtime and enhanced utilization

Improved reliability, safety, and performance of assets

Minimized operations and maintenance expenditures

Quality is a critical factor in the manufacturing process leading to direct bottom-line consequences. The inability to find the root cause of quality issues can result in decreased yield or expensive product recalls for manufacturers. Additionally, industries such as pharma, dairy, and food are mandated to abide by stringent quality regulations and inspections.

iFusionTM Quality Management solution enables manufacturers to determine patterns, predict future outcomes, improve the quality of outputs, and prevent losses before they even occur.

Quality Management

Proposes optimal process settings on the basis of insights from root cause analysis


Root cause analysis of data across the production line to reveal hidden causes

Forecasts the quality of product to detect any process inefficiency

Proposes optimal process settings on basis of insights from root cause analysis

Sends proactive alerts to adjust the process settings as a preventive measure


Improved customer satisfaction

Increased yield and profitability

Minimized defects and scrap rates

Industry 4.0 data collection

Intelligent Collection

Edge-based analytics with secure and compliant data transportation

Organizations are deploying millions of sensors and other smart connected devices at the edge of their networks at a rapid pace. Hence, the overwhelming amounts of operational data collected across the organization present a huge challenge to manage. Additionally, in certain time-critical scenarios, it is unproductive to send data to a central environment and wait for the analytics results to meaningfully impact the decisions to be taken on-site.

Intelligent Collection using iFusionTM ensures that data is ready for analysis at the points where it can improve the business. It enables organizations to scale their processing and analytics capabilities by decentralizing to the sites where the data is actually collected. iFusionTM can collect data directly from these devices or via hub points and can prepare it for local analysis and onward dispatch to a central control.


Reduced bandwidth for data transfer and minimized latency of analytics results

End-to-end managed data integrity and secured transmission via encryption

Enables local decision making and AI-based action recommendations

Hydraulic fracturing

Fracking Analytics

Tap new resources, maximize production levels, and reduce environmental impact

Amidst the increasing volatility of oil prices, oil and gas companies have turned their focus towards cost reduction and performance optimization. Hydraulic fracturing is an efficient way to exploit hydrocarbons, and its success lies in creating high conductivity channels. Hence, an analysis of factors influencing the conductivity of fractures is significant for the design of the operation schedule.

iFusionTM Fracking Analytics solution makes the hydraulic fracturing process safer and more efficient by predicting far-field conductivity in a stage with respect to change in velocity, degree, and duration of pressure applied at well-bore.

The sheer size and complexity of logged data make problem diagnosis a challenging task for support teams. These teams are in need of analytics techniques to focus their attention on specific parts of the logged data, thus reducing the complexity of the diagnostic process.

iFusionTM Log Analysis solution enables the operators to focus on key logs by performing root cause analysis using unsupervised machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. Our solution collects the data from customer tickets and builds a knowledge repository on top of it by identifying relevant comments and parsing the attached logs. For a new issue, the solution extracts the specific logs and identifies the root cause using rule mining algorithms.

Automatic log analysis using machine learning

Log Analysis

Reduce the manual effort, detect issues quicker and optimize resolution turn around times

Case Study

Leading equipment manufacturer reduces operational costs with preventive maintenance solution for robotic arm using iFusionTM platform

Client needed an advanced analytics solution to predict the equipment failures and thereby enhance the performance of the manufacturing facility


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