Banking and Financial Services

Enhance customer engagement and achieve
new levels of trust with data-driven solutions

The explosion of data has opened up enormous potential for banks and financial organizations to grow and stay ahead of competition. Data and analytics can be leveraged across the entire value chain from back office to customer facing operations to mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency, provide personalized customer experiences and drive growth, all the while complying with regulations.

iFusionTM dramatically makes analytics in a bank scalable and reliable while lowering the cost of development, deployment and ongoing management associated with large volumes of data. It enables a variety of analytics on customer data both in real time and in batch mode while allowing the streaming data to be combined with historical, external and other data.

Fraud detection and prevention analytics

Fraud Detection

We help financial institutions to identify and respond to risks, comply with regulations and strengthen their risk management

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Customer analytics software

Customer Analytics

We help financial institutions to achieve customer-centric business transformation with personalized targeting

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Case Study

Next Best Offer Analytics Recommendations using iFusionTM platform Helps a Leading Bank To Increase Customer Engagement; Results in 4x Higher Response Rates for Marketing Campaigns

The client needed a solution that would equip their marketing teams with personalized insights to upsell/cross-sell right products to customers and thereby increase sales/revenue

Banking Analytics Case-study

Build data, AI, and analytics solutions at accelerated pace and
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