Communication Records Management

Flexible, scalable, and low-cost turnkey solution
for your communication data retention

Telecommunications traffic has increased exponentially, primarily driven by pandemic-related mandates such as social distancing and remote work. Both for professional and personal reasons, millions of calls and internet connections are made each day, and these, in turn, generate many billions of records.

Regulations require all call data to be stored for specific durations. While storing all this data is a problem by itself, querying it in a time-sensitive manner is even more difficult. An unoptimized system could take hours to retrieve the required information.

iFusionTM combines enterprise-class software with open-source technologies to deliver an effective means of collecting, storing, and analyzing massive amounts of communication records.


Enterprise-ready Software

Handles large amounts of communications records regardless of the type or number of data sources and makes the data instantly available at all times

Optimized Data Storage and Retrieval

Reduces retrieval times by large margins from hours to minutes and stores years of data online with the ability to extract exact record of interest

Pre-written Algorithms

Enables organizations to get started faster and with a lower investment through pre-written algorithms that come bundled with the solution


Exceptional data loading and query performance

Low-cost solution to handle large data volumes

Quick response to law-enforcement from all types of sources

Secure data storage and retrieval of records

Build data, AI, and analytics solutions at accelerated pace and
reduced cost using iFusionTM Platform