Businesses of all sizes recognize the potential of data and AI in transforming business outcomes - customer satisfaction, increased business agility, enhanced productivity, and risk management - but many struggle to put it in action to derive the required results.

The top barriers to AI implementation

Moving applications to production

Unlike software deployment, deploying a machine learning model does not end with copying code and provisioning infrastructure

AI models require

  • Constant monitoring in production
  • Regular retraining when drifts > threshold
  • Governance throughout the model lifecycle

While putting a single machine learning model into production comes with this level of complexity, imagine the same for a hundred use cases and models!!

AI Implementation
AI Implementation

Data volume and complexity

Getting large volumes along with different types of data from multiple sources into the platform and making it ready for analysis is extremely challenging

It's difficult to determine the right configuration of hardware and software to meet compute, storage, analysis, networking, and software integration requirements

What organizations need to achieve successful operationalization
and scaling of AI solutions

“ModelOps lies at the center of any organizations’ enterprise AI strategy, it is an enabling technology that is key to converging various AI artifacts, platforms and solutions, while ensuring scalability and governance.”


“Creating a robust ModelOps framework in tandem with a DataOps framework in an organization reduces the impact of the top barriers to AI implementations”


Needs of AI practitioners

Data Scientists and ML Engineers

Data wrangling and ModelOps that are less enjoyable
aspects of their work

Citizen Data Scientists

Auto-selection of AI/ML algorithms and building models, including auto hyperparameter tuning

Business Users

Automated integration of AI/ML services into an existing process to enable intelligent decision making


iFusionTM is a state-of-the-art autonomous AI platform that democratizes the use of AI, enabling self-driven and sustainable enterprise AI adoption for intelligent decision making. The platform comes with ease of set up and operations enabled with self-learning and at scale. It allows full lifecycle AI management from data exploration to modeling to production addressing maintainability, scalability, and governance challenges - DataOps, MLOps, ModelOps, and Edge Analytics.

Autonomous AI Platform

iFusionTM Enables

Enterprises to build cost effective AI and analytics solutions to gain insights into data expeditiously
Data Scientists
ISVs with a plug and play platform that would provide the foundational components and expedite the development of AI and analytics solution into their product

iFusionTM Platform Editions

We have different editions that cater to business-specific AI requirements
depending on the scale and the rate at which organizations need data outcomes.


Equip your data scientists with our AI workspace to help them build next-generation intelligent applications easier and faster

Caters to
Data Scientists

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Democratize AI across your organization by automating full AI lifecycle management from data unification to virtualization to AutoML to MLOps

Caters to
Data Scientists
Citizen Data Scientists
Business Users

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Autonomize machine behavior with immediate actions to serve mission critical scenarios with real-time insights and faster decision making

Caters to
Data Scientists
Citizen Data Scientists
Business Users

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Automated Data Pipelines

Automated Data Pipelines

iFusionTM platform helps organizations establish better data management practices by automating the process of collecting data from multiple sources, transforming, and preparing data ready for machine learning workloads. iFusionTM comes with a federated data store architecture and a data virtualization layer that provides a transparent, unified view of data irrespective of where it is stored.

Advanced AutoML Capabilities

iFusionTM platform enables data scientists or even citizen data scientists to build machine learning models in just a few clicks using data science best practices. The platform comes with automated data pre-processing and post-processing, model selection, and hyperparameter finetuning, increasing the productivity of data scientists and minimizing the need for experts.

Advanced AutoML Capabilities
Production-Ready MLOps Environment

Production-ready MLOps Environment

Automatically deploy the models to any environment of your choice, manage the entire lifecycle of production models, and ensure total governance and control of AI with iFusionTM MLOps. The platform monitors the performance of models through data drifts, prediction distribution drifts, and business KPI drifts and generates alerts in case of threshold deviation to ensure that the overall quality of models is intact.

Deploy as you need

On Premise


Public, Private or Hybrid

Cloud – public, private or hybrid

Fully Managed Service

Fully managed service

Service Delivery Based on Agreed Metrics

Service delivery based on agreed metrics

Autonomous AI for the enterprise

Reduces the need for expertise through

  • Abstraction and natural user interfaces
  • Pre-built use cases
  • Trained networks
  • Auto pre-processing and post-processing
  • Model selections and hyper parameter finetuning

Increases efficiency through established processes

  • Ready-to-deploy pipelines
  • Governance and control on AI
  • Privacy and security management
  • Interfaces for decision making
  • As-a-service models

Pre-integrated end-to-end tooling

  • Technology blending – best of breed choices
  • Scalable for edge and cloud autonomously
  • Supports cloud-agnostic/native
  • AI and data lifecycle management
  • Collaboration and community efforts

Data Sheet

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