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Accelerate the data to value journey using our out-of-the-box, business-first data pipelines and algorithms

iFusionTM platform delivers faster and better business insights by providing an end-to-end, scalable, and distributed platform integrating Big Data technology and out of the box rich analytics algorithms. It allows you to easily create, deploy, and use analytics applications in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

data cycle

Full lifecycle data management

A unified platform for collection, analysis, storage, and governance of data



The platform is open for integrations across all the components

OEM friendly

OEM friendly

The platform can be easily embedded with other complementing platforms

iFusionTM Platform

Collectors + Analyzer + Datastore + Connectors

Accelerate the data journey using ML algorithms


1. Collectors

  • Works in concert with 25+ data collection solutions – both enterprise and open source – to allow you to collect the different kinds of data coming into the system
  • Installs and configures different plug-ins to accommodate various types of data
  • Identifies the type of data and decides on the best way to store it in the data store
AI ML platform for data collection, analysis, storage

2. Analyzer

Data Science Workbench (DSW)

  • DSW takes away the pain from the data scientist/analyst to collect, prepare, and classify the data, pick an algorithm to train a data model, and finally prepare a model for prediction. All these steps can be done through a web browser and not by writing any code and saves up to 60% of your time.
  • DSW comes with a rich set of 30+ data preparation, predictive and prescriptive algorithms, and allows you to add your custom algorithm to the system and use it in the workflow. This flexibility gives extensibility to the system to meet your growing needs.
  • The machine learning algorithms are written to take advantage of parallelism and distributed computing to process large amounts of data and generate higher accuracy data models

Query Engine

Allows you to have a transparent, unified view of your data, irrespective of where it is stored. Based on the query, the platform will retrieve data from one or more stores and present it to you in the familiar table format.

Data Science Workbench to prepare a Model

Job Scheduler and Analytics Job Workflow

iFusionTM platform’s Orchestrator lets you configure all your jobs through the web browser. Using the scheduler, you can define when and at what intervals to execute various jobs.

The Orchestrator works behind the scenes to coordinate the sequence and flow of jobs. It enables data preparation and training by running the algorithms repeatedly to identify and remove false positives. This results in dependable analytics results.

Job Scheduler and Analytics Job Workflow

3. Data Store

  • iFusionTM platform’s Data Store is comprised of federated data stores. These data stores can contain structured data (RDBMS), unstructured data, or semi-structured data. The platform will be able to provide a unified view of the data across all data stores configured with iFusionTM.
  • Its federated datastore architecture eliminates unnecessary copying of data to a central data store before processing
  • Its unique tiered-storage model lets you store large amounts of data without compromising on retrieval times by intelligently archiving data to low-cost storage
  • Using a single query, data can be accessed across one or more federated data stores, archived and online data seamlessly
Data storage model in AI Platform - iFusion
iFusion AI platform to integrate with 3rd party systems

4. Connector

This component enables the iFusionTM platform to interoperate with external systems to deliver specific functionality.

  • Directory Services – AD/LDAP for user authentication
  • Intelligent storage to manage aging data at an effective cost
  • Communication mechanisms such as email/SMS/web
  • External accelerators such as data aggregators or computation engines
  • Rich data visualizations with ad hoc query, reporting, and dashboard tools

Data Governance

iFusionTM platform ensures that data is in line with enterprise governance,
security, and audit requirements and maintains consistency of data.


Data security and access are of paramount importance as increasingly critical operational decisions are being driven by analytical processes. iFusionTM platform is especially aware of these requirements and the product is continuously evolving its security stance. Core Security functionality includes

User access
User access

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Integration with directory services such as AD/LDAP

Audit trail
Audit trail

Monitors and records all the activities within the iFusionTM platform which can be retrieved for evidential submission purposes

Data immutability

Can be configured to provide read-only access and prevents from modification or deletion by policy


Data in-transit is protected with SSL encryption, and data at rest is encrypted at the point of storage within the datastore


Security functionality in AI platform - iFusion

A metadata repository server which combines catalog information from all sources in one server providing unified view of the data


Highly scalable – can handle petabytes of data without rearchitecting or rewriting

Automated and Intuitive – reduces human intervention using ML and AI capabilities

Faster go to market – eliminates coding and saves time for data scientists

Cost-effective storage management with intelligent archival solution

Improves RoI by reducing the overall cost to deploy and develop new solutions

AI Analytics platform - iFusion Data Sheet

Learn more about how iFusionTM platform can help you step up your data, AI, and analytics game and accelerate go-to-market of your business solutions



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