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With increasing demands from customers for enhanced quality and increased value, healthcare companies are under constant pressure to deliver better outcomes. Whether it is to advance care, enhance effectiveness, or manage risk, organizations are in need of data-driven decision making.

However, dealing with healthcare data is difficult as it involves multiple sources ranging from electronic health records to monitoring real-time vital signs and must comply with government regulations. The growing complexities of data are forcing healthcare service providers and medical technology companies to embrace analytics solutions for value-driven decision making.

iFusionTM, with its rich medical imaging analytics and anomaly detection capabilities, solves critical healthcare data problems and empowers stakeholders with reliable and actionable intelligence.

Analytics solutions for medical technology companies

Case Studies

Healthcare Analytics Case study

A novel, cost-effective pain assessment tool that detects facial expressions using iFusionTM

An application that could enable doctors to assess pain and provide better treatment for patients with communication difficulties

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Edge analytics use cases

Tactile imaging medical device solution for effective detection of breast cancer using iFusionTM

A clinical breast examination solution that detects anomalies and brings accuracy, thus enhancing the operational efficiency of breast examination

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Computer vision hand gesture recognition

Hand gesture recognition system using iFusionTM enables contactless communication with devices in a medical environment

A solution that could identify the human hand, categorize whether it is left or right hand and recognize the gestures in a healthcare environment

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Pharma analytics case studies

Adverse event detection solution developed using iFusionTM helps life sciences organizations in drug safety and risk management

A solution that could detect adverse events related to a drug from patients’ case notes to enable corresponding preventative measures

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