We help enterprises unlock the potential in their data and maximize business value

Delivering business-focused solutions based on Big Data principles is at the core of the iFusionTM platform value proposition. We provide accelerated insights by bringing our experience and understanding of a problem and utilizing our extensive catalog of prefabricated templates and data science algorithms to reduce the time to completion.

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Banking and Financial Services

Make smarter decisions - Manage risk, understand customers and amplify profit

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Ingest billions of communication records per day; execute multi-hour queries in minutes!

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Mitigate security risks, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs

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Healthcare and Medtech

Deliver a seamless patient experience, contain costs, and ensure value-based care

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Turn shoppers to loyalists by making every customer feel personal and relevant

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Industry 4.0

Improve productivity and efficiency. Gain flexibility and agility. Increase profitability.

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NLP and Video Analytics

Step up your analytics game and create incremental value from data in all forms and sizes

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Case Study

Equipped leading physical identity and access management solutions provider with rich security intelligence using preventive risk analytics solution built on iFusionTM platform

We helped the client build an automated and comprehensive security process through the scheduled collection, normalization, and analysis of data in order to predict possible security breaches and map preventive actions accordingly.


Build data, AI, and analytics solutions at accelerated pace and
reduced cost using iFusionTM Platform