“ By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.- Gartner 

Enterprise safety and identity management are of paramount importance in a back to work scenario in the current pandemic environment. This, combined with remote work planning and managing, is further increasing the importance of security, risk, and identity management in both physical environments and virtual worlds. The complexity of hybrid workforces will be a challenge for companies as they will need to find ways to enable collaboration between remote workers and ensure safety for employees working in company locations.

A strategy to create robust security would need to focus on how to predict and prevent security events. iFusionTM Security Risk Analytics solution provides actionable and comprehensive insights from poly-structured, multi-source security data, and reduces risk and operational efforts for security teams.


Rich security intelligence

Schedules collection, normalization, and analysis of data from various physical and logical security systems that impact physical security and risk posture of an enterprise

Risk analytics rules

Allows to automatically act on findings based on out-of-the-box rules and also provides an intuitive rule editor to specify conditions and actions such as automatically suspend access, assign training, send notifications, and more

Data analyst toolbox

Includes extensive list of data preparation algorithms along with tools to develop your own risk metrics, and export results into the iFusionTM Risk Analytics engine or any business intelligence tool

Sophisticated data analytics

Applies operational, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to evaluate patterns of behavior for security risk based on risk metrics and boils findings down to an easy-to-understand risk score

Risk analytics dashboard

Gives a birds-eye view of the potential risks across the organization along with options to share, schedule, and customize reports. Enables to rank risks in order of severity, track specific people/site, and drill down to data used to derive risk scores

Risk metrics

Uses standardized attributional (such as unused/excess access) and behavioral (such as unusual entry/exit) metrics which go beyond basic reporting by analyzing past events to establish a benchmark for each person/site/reader


Minimizes security and compliance risks

Prevents security mishaps

Monitors personnel behavior and prevents insider threats

Increases operational efficiency and reduces costs

White Paper

Physical Identity and Risk Management

Learn how you can leverage your physical security data beyond traditional reporting to predict and further prevent possible security risk events

Data insights on security risk and management

Role of iFusionTM platform


iFusionTM  platform with pre-built accelerators has near real-time data analysis capabilities to compare and measure data streaming from multiple sources with archived historical data. This capability enables the solution to capture real-time and historical data from physical security devices and systems to identify the early warning of risks or potential threats to the organization.

iFusionTM platform rapidly unlocks the potential within the datasets and delivers operational, prescriptive, and predictive analytics for desired business outcomes. The solution leverages this capability to evaluate patterns of behavior for security risk and create an easy-to-understand risk score. It implements the risk rules based on the pre-defined conditions and passes the preventive actions to automatically act on the predicted risks.

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