Online retail analytics

A major value proposition for any retail and e-commerce company is to ensure superior customer service. Consumers feel connected to those brands that truly understand them. Hence, in this age of information overload, it becomes increasingly important for companies to provide a personalized experience by displaying relevant products reflecting customer’s preferences.

iFusionTM employs Hybrid Recommendation Engine with the highest AUC to empower the retailers and e-tailers with the most efficient and cost-effective means of delivering a personalized shopping experience to its customers. Our recommendation engine uses insights derived from customer preferences and shopping history.


Customer segmentation

Identifies different segments based on user characteristics and shopping behavior to run targeted campaigns, thereby improving the conversion ratio and overall sales

Product recommendation across the user’s shopping flow

Provides product-wise and category-wise personalized recommendations based on context and shopping stages across product, shopping cart, and checkout view

Coupon recommendation

Identifies customers who are most likely to redeem special offers and coupons based on their previous purchasing and redemption history


Personalized shopping experience which improves ease of shopping by providing customer’s choice of products

Increases the number of items per order and average order value through up-selling and cross-selling

Deepens customer engagement and loyalty resulting in increased sales and revenue

Reduces the search-cost and cost of processing product-related information

Build data, AI, and analytics solutions at accelerated pace and
reduced cost using iFusionTM Platform